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Ruby Princess Ship Tour- March 2019

The Ruby Princess was docked in San Francisco as a port of call during a long voyage & we were invited to check out the ship, have lunch and also enjoy a presentation from the Singapore Visitor's Bureau as the Ruby was headed to Asia.   It's always nice to see ships that you might not otherwise have the chance to see!

It was also nice to sit through the presentation from the Singapore Visitor's Bureau.  Definitely a bucket list destination and one that we will visit eventually! 

One thing about Princess ships, they are pretty consistent ship to ship, class to class with layout.  If you've been on one, then you won't have any trouble navigating around another.  We did have some time to tour all of the public spaces, but no cabins because this was a through sailing and all the cabins were booked with passengers.  It's a beautiful ship!   It was also the first ship tour for our own Independent Contractor, Lisa Kohlmaier!

To See Photos of the ship- please click here:  RUBY PRINCESS SHIP TOUR PHOTOS