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Cabo-Grand Velas Resort- Oct 2018


I was fortunate to have been invited to experience the Grand Velas Resort Los Cabos.   What an amazing resort, truly 5+ stars!!  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vela while at the hotel and he explains it very well,  "Velas Resorts are not all-inclusive, but everything is included!"  His point being that not all "all-inclusive" resorts are created equal and they are definitely in a league of their own when it comes to inclusive.  Everything is LUXURY!

From the time you arrive, you are welcomed with a drink and a shoulder/neck massage while you are being "checked-in".  You are then escorted to your suite and given a tour of everything in your suite.  These are extremely spacious rooms, amazing decks, plunge pools on the decks and of course amazing views!!  

Dining- we were able to experience just about every restaurant.  The only one that we missed was their Michelin rated restaurant, as I've said before, we are not "foodies" so that sort of experience would have been wasted on us.   But every restaurant we went to: French, Italian, Mexican- they gave us a sampling of many things on the menu so that we really could experience everything.  Fantastic!   The ceviche bar by the pool was my husband's favorite, he would order from there for his poolside lunch and could not say enough good things about the ceviche!

Alcohol- no restrictions or "house wines"- they have a fine selection of wines, beers and liquors.  The wine cellar inside the Italian restaurant was very impressive.

Spa- WOW, what an amazing facility and experience.  We were gifted a spa treatment as part of our experience of the property.  You arrive about an hour before your appointment so that you can be taken through the water ceremony.  This is a series of water works, saunas, cold showers, etc.  Really a great way to get relaxed before your treatment.   We tried something unique to this spa treatment and it involved warm candle wax, sounds like it might be painful but knowing that I've had hot stone massages before, I didn't think it would be any worse.  It was really amazing.  If we had more time there, we probably would have gone for another spa treatment!

This resort welcomes all, they do have activities for kids and a special water fountain area with a wading pool for little ones on the other side of the resort and the 3 tiered main pool does not allow kids on the lowest level, so having the adult area right overlooking the infinity edge was wonderful!  

Great service all the way around, the resort was pretty empty when we were there & even if we were the last ones in the bar they did not close on us or give us "last call".   It was baseball playoff season, so another Travel Agent & I would watch the games in the evening but did feel guilty that the bartender was only there for us.  We did retreat back to our rooms to continue watching the end of the game, though I had a hard time finding the game in English. 

All in all, we had a wonderful time at this resort.  If you are ever wanting to spend time at a LUXURIOUS resort, have excellent dining, fantastic service and not have to worry about paying your credit card when you return- then Grand Velas Resort Los Cabos is the place to be!!  Actually, any of the Velas Resorts will do, there are locations in Cancun's Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta as well!

We were given a grand tour of the resort, so I took photos of everything including many of the different suites!

To see LOTS of photos of the various suites and around the Grand Velas Resort Los Cabos, please Click Here!