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ALASKA  2012

Quilting and Cruising with Friends

After a year of planning, the first, annual Quilters’ Cruise set sail for Alaska from San

Francisco aboard the Sea Princess.

With quilters and families from Pacifica, Morgan Hill, Jackson, Fremont, the Peninsula

and San Francisco guilds. Four talented teachers gave classes encompassing beginners to advanced projects. What a great venue! Not only could you quilt during four days at

sea but you could also be entertained from comedy, and theater to gambling. Then as an

extra attraction you could throw in beautiful Alaska. Of course there was lots of shopping

when in port as well as great excursions. On our first night at sea, the topic of conversations

was the color of the waiters jackets. We came up with: sea foam green, dusty mint

green, sage, celery and lamb ears green. Amazing what the eye sees. The dining experience was a special treat to share with friends. Laughter was definitely on the menu.


I know you are anxious to hear about the quilts shops. I missed the one in Juneau, but

did see the Russian Tailor shop in Skagway. Lovely place for Batiks and all sorts of kits.

They have a wonderful assortment of Alaskan fabric too. After I bought my fabric, and as we

were on our way to Glacier Bay I kept thinking, did I buy enough. It didn’t matter, there was no

turning back now.

Elaine bought a beautiful kit of glacier blues. I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt.

(I almost bought it too)  We found the Silver Thimble shop and I think we struck it rich.They had kits, panels and  Alaskan fabricall on one side of the store and  traditional fabricand notions on the other side. The shop was onthe second floor and the stairway was drapedwith welcoming quilts. The staff even had refreshments for us.





I’m sure you will hear more stories from those of us who had such a delightful cruise to






Many on board were curious about what we were doing. On the last day of sewing we laid out our projects and invited the passengers in for a viewing.





Big “Thank you” to our teachers who were very knowledgeable, helpful, patient and funny.

Special “Thank you “to Terry Caslelton and Julie Curry for spearheading the planning,

organizing, assembling charm packs and fat quarters gifts and running the “Sew-Secret-Pal”.

What a terrific job!! Brava!!

The word is out and there is talk of another cruise next year to Alaska and in 2014 Hawaii.

If you have never been to Alaska and you are a quilter;  this is theway to go. It is worth the time and money you spend and it will be a trip you will never forget.