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Norwegian Bliss- Inaugural- May 2018

Norwegian Bliss

Inaugural 2 day sailing to nowhere out of Los Angeles

May 25, 2018

photo cred: Pat Wood



I was lucky enough to be invited to tour the Norwegian Bliss for a 2 day cruise to nowhere out of Los Angeles, one of the many Travel Industry events to bring agents on board to see the newest ship in the Norwegian fleet.  Well, she is a beauty for sure!  Embarkation process was pretty simple and we were required to carry on our bags for the short voyage.  We waited a little bit in the terminal before we were let on board, but we were there early.


We only had 2 days on board and knowing that we were going to be sailing the Bliss again at the end of the year for New Years Eve, we decided to pass on the big shows so that other agents could have the chance to see the shows.  It's advisable to make reservations for the big shows, but being a 2 day cruise we didn't have that option until we boarded.  Also, some attractions like the race cars and laser tag require reservations as well.  These can all be made on the touch screens located by the elevators.  You can also use those screens to make dining reservations & you also have the option to make some reservations for specialty dining 120 days prior to sailing.

The ship is beautiful and the cabins are comfortable. My only complaint would be that the bed is so close to the closet that it's hard to get in/out..also, there is not a lot of room to get in/out of bed on that one side of the bed.  In our instance, not a big deal as Bill sleeps on that side of the bed and he never gets up in the middle of the night.  If it was my side, I'd be banging my leg/head into the closet door.

The ship has water slides, laser tag, race car track, Country Music dedicated club (also is a BBQ restaurant before the music starts). All sorts of restaurants, you will never go hungry or get bored with food choices as there are plenty!   Our friend Pat tried the race cars and had a blast!  We had reservations for the same time, but it was 730pm, we were already dressed for the evening so we just didn't want to deal with having to change into more appropriate clothing, etc. 

 <That would be Pat driving this car!!


This is not Pat >








Norwegian is known for having multiple dining venues, go where you want, when you want, dine with who you want at whatever time you want, etc.  They really did a nice job with this ship, it's easy to walk through and easy to navigate.  It just makes sense.  For the inaugural event, our 2 dinners were set in the Manhattan Room (main dining room) and we enjoyed our meals both nights.  We had lunch at Margaritaville one day (huge Nachos that were delicious) & we ate poolside another day at the grill & on embarkation day they had a full, amazing & impressive buffet waiting to showcase all the sorts of food to be offered...check out these crab legs!!

This ship's hull has been painted by the well known artist "Wyland", the ship's hull is beautiful.  Well, he was on board for this sailing and we had the honor to meet him & also watch him paint!  He painted a brand new canvas while everyone watched over the course of about 2 hours, it was amazing to watch.  Afterwards, he was in the Pub to launch his new beer "Wyland Brew", they were giving out bottles for free & he was there for photos and autographs, we were lucky to get both from him. We all drank one of his beers too.  I'm not a beer drinker, but it was good!



The ship really is beautiful!! To see more of my photos, please check out my album here: